Unison Research Unico CD Primo

A high-quality CD player with an additional USB DAC input
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Manufacturer: Unison Research

Unico CD Primo

The Unico CD Primo is a high-grade source device, designed to perfectly match the accompanying range of amplifiers in Unison Research's hybrid series of hi-fi electronics. It's the complete package thanks to its neat styling, intuitive user interface and great sound.

The Unico CD Primo uses a back-lit 128 x 64 LCD display to dynamically feedback useful information on the playback status; but to help match the environment the back-light can also be switched off. Transport controls are managed either by the four buttons on the front panel, or via the supplied RC2 remote control (the same remote control supplied with most Unison Research amplifiers).

Internally the design is optimised for pure audio enjoyment. There are two main boards - one dedicated to the power supply and digital signal circuits, the second dedicated to the output stage circuit - that allow the audio signal to be as clean and uninterrupted as possible. The audio stage is designed around a single ECC82 (12AU7) double triode operating in pure Class A, which characterizes the sonic performance of the unit. The valve is followed by a discrete solid state buffer, operating in Class A too, for a low impedance output and ideal audio behaviour. The digital conversion circuitry is a sophisticated layout often found in far more expensive units, to ensure every nuance of the recording is revealed by the CD player.

The Unico CD Primo also boasts an asynchronous 16-bit USB input for high-quality playback from a computer or laptop. With a growing interest in computer's as hi-fi sources, this is a great way to access your digital music through a source device you know and trust, as opposed to sacrificing audio quality by using other cheaper interfaces.

The aluminium front panels on all Unico series products are clean and stylish thanks to a new sandblasting and anodizing process. The sandblasting consists of hammering the the aluminium plate with microscopic ceramic balls at room temperature to give the surface a homogeneous and opaque finish. The anodizing process facilitates the growth of a thin film of aluminium oxide on the surface, which enhances the mechanical resistance and hardness of the surface. The end-result is truly stunning and helps round off this prestigious piece of equipment.

(Black finish available to special order, for an additional fee)

Key Features:

  • High-quality CD Player with additional USB DAC
  • Back-lit LCD display for information feedback
  • Intuitive user interface based around RC2 remote control
  • 1 x ECC82 valve used in the audio stage
  • Premium sand-blasted Silver finish*

Technical Data:

Transport: TEAC CD5010A
Digital Interface: Wolfson Micro WM8804
Sample Rate Converter: Burr Brown SRC4192
D/A Converter: Wolfson Micro WM8524
Sampling: 24-bit / 96kHz
Digital Input:

Asynchronous USB (Type B)
16bit / 32 - 48kHz 
Digital Output: 44.1kHz
Output Stage: Solid State, Class A

1 x RCA output
1 x S/PDIF
Gain: Triode Class A
Valve: 1 x ECC82 (12AU7)
Power Consumption: 100W (max.)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 43.5 x 43 x 9.5cm
Net Weight: 10kg
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