It is widely acknowledged that REL's special mix of attributes: build quality, peerless engineering and stunning performance, is without equal at every price level. 
Richard Lord's obsession with quality is legendary. All REL sub-bass systems are hand built. From the ultra-compact Quake to the mighty Studio III, REL designs share the same philosophy, and the highest standards of construction. Components are selected for their ability to deliver a lifetime of performance. 
Innovations, like ZeroQ and ARM loading, superior ABC filters, and simultaneous line and loudspeaker level connection and calibration, ensure that REL systems provide the deepest, tightest and cleanest bass for both movie and music applications. If you are contemplating adding a sub-bass system to your audio system, the answer is REL.

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REL Arrow

Arrow™ Wireless Connectivity for REL T/i series

Rel S2 S/2

Fast, Fun & Powerful The Compact S/2

Rel S3 S/3

Power and Performance The Beautifully Balanced S/3

Rel S5 S/5

The Serie S Flagship The Majestic S/5

REL T/5i

The Stunningly Simple T/5i

REL T/7i

T/7i, The Perfect Blend

REL T/9i

The Powerful T/9i

REL Bassline Blue 10m

REL Bassline Blue 10m

REL Bassline Blue 5m

REL Bassline Blue 5m

REL Habitat 1

Stylish wall mounted subwoofer from REL

REL T Zero - ultra compact sub...

Introducing the new REL T-Zero compact Subwoofer