Quad Trade in Deal

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

The lovely people at Quad Electronics have a generous trade in deal available on their new Artera range of products. 

If you are an old Quad owner you can now benefit from a £300.00 saving per item with any trade in of Quad equipment.

So for instance, if you have an old Quad 66 Preamp, you can trade it in for the new Artera Play CD/Pre Amp and get £300.00 off the retail price. If you have the matching Power Amp you can trade that in for the Artera Stereo and get another £300.00 off the retail price. It's simple, £300.00 off either the Artera Play or Artera Stereo when you trade in old Quad equipment. 

For any questions, please call us in the shop on 0208 930 9933.

Take a closer look at the new Quad Artera products by clicking on the image below.