So much listening, so little time

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sometimes you just run out of time, or "running in" time! 

Whilst running in our demonstration ProAc D20R in cherry a box arrives from Arcam. Its the brand new A49 integrated amplifier. It's like Christmas has come early here at Harrow Audio!! 

The D20R from ProAc sound sublime. The D18 was always one of our favourite speakers and this new model just builds on ProAcs outstanding abilities as a loudspeaker manafacturer. If its even possible, the ribbon tweeter is sweeter, more detailed and open than before and the different cabinet design tightens up the bass and gives it more authority. The £500 price increase is totally justified on even the shortest of auditions. Definately a new favourite! 

Then we come to the Arcam A49, 200w of Class G amplification in a simple but stylish chassis. This is one seriously special amplifier. We just need more time to listen to it! On demo in the shop and running all the time, we hope to have it "run in" soon. At the minute there aren't enough words to describe how good it can sound. You just HAVE to listen. 

Not content with just those too items, we also had our new Dali Zensor and Ikon ranges delivered, along sid ethe new S series subwoofers from REL. We have the Rel S2, S3 and S5 in stock, sitting along with our T-Zero and T5 subs. Check the pictures below and on our Facebook page.