Convert Plato Lite

One Box Home Entertainment System
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Manufacturer: Entotem Plato

Plato Lite, as the name suggests, is a slimmer version of the Plato Product. It still has Plato’s great capabilities of recording and streaming, together with being operated by the same Control App. Plato Lite is ideal for customers who have their own Phono stage and amplifier and have therefore made considerable investments in their HiFi, but still want to take advantage of Plato’s unique strengths.

Plato Lite is a cut-down version of the full PLato system to allow customers who have already made significant investments in their HiFi to enjoy the benefits Plato can offer, at a lower entry price point.

Plato Lite runs the same control software as full Plato, and most of the software features available on Plato are also available in Plato Lite.

In essence, Plato Lite consists of:

  • Pre amplifier module
  • Power supply
  • Digital module

Analogue and digital input/output connections are available via the pre-amplifier module, normally the analogue output from this would feed in a separate power amplifier which would then power external speakers.

The power supply generates clean supply voltages for the best audio performance of the pre-amplifier.

The digital module powers the user interface on the front-facing touch screen, and provides networking, USB and HDMI connections. This module also includes a 1TB hard disk (larger sizes are available at additional cost), and the software which powers Plato’s innovative features.

Pre-Amplifier Features

The pre-amplifier provides source selection of its internal and external inputs, volume control, configuration control, and houses high quality ADC and DAC, both capable of operating at 24bit 192kHz.

The pre-amplifier module provides the following inputs:

  • 3 x RCA analogue line input, each with programmable gain and balance control
  • 2 x optical TOSLINK digital inputs, rated up to 192kHz operation
  • 1 x optical TOSLINK digital input, rated up to 96kHz operation
  • 1 x coaxial SPDIF digital input, rated at 192kHz operation

The pre-amplifier module also provides the following outputs:

  • 1 x RCA analogue pre-amp output
  • 2 x optical TOSLINK digital outputs at up to 192kHz

Note that analogue sources are converted into the digital domain within the pre-amplifier for volume control.

Using the internal ADC it is possible to record analogue inputs to the hard drive in up to 24bit 192kHz resolution. Plato’s revolutionary control software takes all the hard work out of recording by automatically splitting the recording into tracks and providing track name, album name, artist name, and artwork information.

Digital Module

The digital module houses an internal 2.5” hard drive for data storage, and additional processing electronics used to power Plato’s operating system, the control interface, and digital connections.

This module provides the following IO connections:

  •        10/100/1G network interface
  •        2 x USB connector
  •        1 x HDMI output

The network interface allows connection to a wired home network to provide access to additional UPnP streaming devices (e.g. External speakers, or additional data servers), and allow control using a third party Android or iOS phone or tablet (running Plato’s control application).

The HDMI output allows video playback to a connected TV in full HD quality from the internal hard drive, or alternate UPnP server.

Additional storage may be connected to the external USB inputs.

AMPLIFIER CONNECTIONS 3 x Line analogue input, 1 x Coax digital input, 3 x Optical digital inputs, 1 x Analogue pre-amp output, 2 x Optical digital output
VIDEO FORMATS SUPPORTED Video formats: H263, H264 (BP/MP/HP), MPEG-4 SP/ASP, MPEG2, VP8, MJPEG, Xvid. Video playback up to HD 1080p, 30fps.
FILE FORMATS SUPPORTED Audio formats: AAC LC/PLUS, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, VORBIS, PCM/WAVE, AIFF. Audio playback/record at 24 bits, up to 192kHz.
POWER SOURCE 220V – 240V 50Hz / 60Hz
POWER CONSUMPTION Idle <9W, Full Power 2-CH 8Ω < 200 W
DIMENSION 370 x 300 x 130 (W x D x H) mm
OPTICAL INPUTS TOSLINK x2, up to 192kHz sample rate TOSLINK x1, up to 96kHz sample rate
SPDIF INPUT Transformer Isolated x1, up to 192k SR.
OPTICAL OUTPUTS TOSLINK x2, up to 192kHz sample rate