PIEGA SA was founded in 1986 by Leo Greiner and Kurt Scheuch, an unlikely pair with completely different strengths. Kurt Scheuch is responsible for innovations and technical matters, while Leo Greiner manages the company's finances.

A few years ago the 2nd generation entered the company; a breath of fresh air so to speak. We remain a family-owned company with a vast amount of experience, high flexibility and short decision-making paths.

The visual demands of loudspeakers has changed quite dramatically in the past 30 years or so. These days we can chuckle at our early creations, but we have to say that even at the time we were extremely innovative in all things related to design

Until recently we managed the warehouse at our two locations. In order to continue to guarantee the high delivery availability of our products we had to increase the amount of stock and the loudspeaker inventory. We found an extremely competent logistics partner quite close to us. And it works...

At our latitudes it is customary for a company to record its "Business Philosophy". This relates more to the mentality, the countenance, than the scientific theories of the philosophy.

PIEGA is committed to building premium quality transducers with an aesthetic exterior under fair conditions. We have remained true to this principle over the past decades and the philosophy has not become a paper tiger. Innovativeness, the sophisticated use of materials and courage for new challenges are the key to the construction of loudspeakers with constantly better sound reproduction.

The Piega team consists of experienced employees who largely work autonomously based on our cooperative management style and which lets everyone enjoy themselves at work.

Precise work, independent thinking and great pleasure in the product as well as music are the basic requirements for motivated employees.


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Piega Classic 3.0

AMT-1 Ribbon tweeter in a standmount speaker

Piega Classic 40.2

Pure Sound – in a Modest Space.

Piega Classic 5.0

AMT-1 Ribbon tweeter in a compact floorstanding speaker

Piega Classic 60.2

Great Value in an Innovative Design.

Piega Classic 7.0

AMT-1 Ribbon tweeter in a floorstanding speaker

Piega Classic 80.2

The Classic Star 80.2

Piega Classic Centre

Matching Centre speaker to complete your AV system