Opera Loudspeakers

Opera Loudspeakers - Made in Italy

Opera Loudspeakers was founded in 1989, but the experience of their dedicated team far pre-dates that time. Since their first speaker, the Caruso, Opera have produced a variety of premium loudspeaker designs that give a nod to the genre of music with which they share their name.

All Opera speakers benefit from a fusion of traditional Italian craftsmanship in cabinet making and the most advanced acoustic technologies available. All are built with top-quality materials and have sound performance at their core. But as well as being pleasant to listen to, all Opera speakers also boast a sophisticated visual design that easily fits into the modern home.

Opera Loudspeakers are the sister-brand of Unison Research, which means we know they sound great with Class A and Hybrid amplifier designs.

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Opera Callas

Opera's flagship stand-mount speaker combines big sound with a stylish, yet compact body.

Opera Grand Callas

Opera's flagship loudspeaker, the Grand Callas is a stylish floor-stander that delivers ex...

Opera Grand Mezza

Stylish floor-standing speaker that can be easily partnered with lower-power valve amplifi...

Opera Mezza

Opera's introductory bookshelf speaker is a real audiophile bargain.

Opera Prima

Classically styled bookshelf speaker with defined clarity and captivating sound.

Opera Quinta

Three way floor standing speaker guaranteed to deliver pure listening pleasure.

Opera Seconda

The new incarnation of the popular Seconda loudspeaker with completely upgraded cabinet st...