New brands added!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

People who visit our shop on a regular basis know how we use our available space to its maximum potential. The classic "small, but perfectly formed" statement could be appiled. Or just small! But we do try! 

New brands that we add need to have something different about them and this usually boils down to 2 things. A: They perform well above their price point and out perform similar products easily. Case in point: Hana Cartridges. On the back of a string of excellent reviews from Hifi World, The Absolute Sound and others, we have had some loan cartridges to try and, without hesitation, have agreed to stock the Eh, EL, SH and SL cartridges. You can read the reviews here:

All moving Coil cartridges, with High output and Low output options, they offer amazing performance for the money and could easily sell for alot more. We are happy to fit them to any of our demo turntables if you would like to hear how your vinyl can really sound!

Now for B: Something different to what we currently stock. Unison Research are an Italian company producing Valve amplifiers, headphone amplifiers, CD players and Phono Stages. Distributed by our friends at we have had a Simply Italy and Preludio on loan to try and are delighted to be stocking both models now. 

Unison Research was founded in 1987 by a group of passionate audiophiles led by Giovanni Maria Sacchetti. Born in 1945, Giovanni Maria Sacchetti devoted himself at an early age to the study and design of hi-fi systems, combining his interest in electronics with a passion for music inherited from his father, an expert pianist. After completing his studies in electronics, he devoted twenty-five years to teaching while at the same time designing and developing amplifiers for Unison Research.

In a typical Italian fashion of combining different materials, Unison Research have created some stylish Hybrid and full Valve amps dressed in wood, metal and aluminium casework. And they sound awesome too! 

With the increasing strength of vinyl, these stunning Amplifiers sound gorgeous with a turntbale on the end of them. 

Take a look at the full range here:

Another brand added under rules B: Tangent. Typically scandinavian in design but with the sound quality to back it up. Super stylish speakers in White or Black with Walnut detailing, the Spectrum range offers 3 passive speaker choices and 1 active Bluetooth version.

In addition to speakers, Tangent have the Ampster. A compact, Bluetooth equipped amplifier capable fo outputting 50wpc. With an additional Aux and Optical input, the is perfect for a desktop system or sat under a TV powering external speakers. 

There is even a little bundle available that offers exceptional value for money

You can see all the Tangent products here: