Maxell DVD+RW 4.7gb 10 Spindle

Maxell DVD+RW 4.7gb 10 Spindle - no cases
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For recording with DVD+RW video recorder or DVD+RW drive for PC 
Rewritable recording format 
Single-sided disc 
DVD+RW is 1x to 4x speed compatible, and DVD+RW High Speed is 4x to 8x speed compatible 
DVD+RW discs are re-recordable up to 1000 times (depending on video quality and recording mode)
DVD+RW records up to 120 minutes for video in standard mode/4.7GB for data storage

Supplied as a 10 spindle (no cases)

Additional Information 
Conforms to DVD+RW Standard Specifications

Recording Capacity
Recording Speed
1x to 4x
Disc Diameter
Recording Time
120 Mins