Shelf of the month!

Friday, January 09, 2015

Shelf of the month January 2015

Anyone who has visited out shop knows that we have 2 main walls of equipment. If you only visit us once every few years chances are everything has moved around, new products have replaced old and the next big thing can always be found. If, however, you are a more frequent visitor (or work here!) you may feel the shelves all look the same, even if the items are new. It's a case of "I can't see the wood for the trees" or in this shop "I can't see the Hifi for the black boxes!" 

So, we have decided to focus on our display, every month, and have a "what's impressed us most" shelf. The first winners of this most sought after accolade (Really?!) is a mix of old and new. The KEF LS50 and Marantz PM8005 and SA8005 combo. 

The award winning, sorry, award smashing LS50 from KEF has long been a favourite of everyone. Now available in white with blue drive unit, it continues to set the benchmark for all other standmount speakers to beat. Articulate, sweet, punchy and a joy to listen to. However, the Marantz PM8005 and SA8005 have give it a new lease of life. 

The Marantz combo recently got a Highly Recommended award from a popular Hifi magazine as well as 5 star reviews from various sources. Beautiful build and solid feel, the 8005's both sound great but together they sound awesome! Wonderful insight into the music with a wealth of authority and grip over the music. The PM8005 packs 70wpc with a high quiality Phono MM stage for your record player. The SA8005 not only plays CDs and SACDs to a high quality, it also gives you access to the DAC via USB, Optical or Coax for all your digital files. 

All you really need is a handful of CDs and a cup of coffee (Raleigh Chopper mug not mandatory!)