Lehmann Linear D

The Future of Music Listening
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Manufacturer: Lehmann

Since 2004 the Linear has been thrilling music lovers and professional users alike. The analogue headphone amp, which has already won several reference titles and numerous awards, will get the ultimate out of any headphone. In the new Linear D the sophisticated circuit design of our reference model is once more taken to a higher level on the analogue side and upgraded on top by a high-resolution digital-analogue converter of the latest generation.

The Linear D is fascinating both as a headphone amp and as a preamp. Two digital inputs (optical and RCA) and the analogue input allow to connect a total of three signal sources. The automatic signal source prioritisation ensures a maximum of operating comfort and obviates the need for an input selector switch.

Closely tolerated low-loss Mica caps in the analogue filter enable a flawless signal behaviour and a exemplary reproduction of your favourite music. The discrete class A output stages of the Linear D can easily supply two headphones of identical impedance simultaneously with sovereign power and – if owned – will also inspire your active loudspeakers to reveal an unimagined vitality. The convincing performance is rounded out by the vibration-absorbing SSC feet which come as standard just like on our top-of-the-line model Linear SE. Intense and with no flavour enhancer: step into a new dimension of musical enjoyment with the Linear D.

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Linear D
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