It's Anniversary Time - #1

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

You forget sometimes how long people have been involved in the Hi-Fi Industry. It is a small circle of people, designers and brands that have pushed the boundaries of thinking, design and products for many years. Some, far longer than the 40+ years Harrow Audio has been established. 

This Spring, both PMC and Project are celebrating Anniversaries and have launched new product in homeage to their roots. Iconic in design but using modern materials and building on the success of already popular product ranges. We cannot wait to see and hear them in the flesh (or wood, carbon fibre, Aluminium etc!) 

First up - Project's "The Classic" - celebrating 40 years of designing turntables, Heinz Lichtenegger has taken inspiration from the turntables of the 70's to create this signature turntable. "In my first year as a hifi dealer out of the petrol station of my ma, using her trade license, I sold 50 Thorens 166 MK 2. In a town of 2000 people, I made everybody to a hifi believer… Later I expanded to some Linns, Aristons, Heybrooks etc… Today Pro-Ject is the leading company for Hi-fi stereo turntables and sooner or later I simply had to produce what I loved once...."

Pro-Ject tried to sell not only to the audiophile community, but just to music lovers. These people want great sound from a simple to use product, which is always working. Therefore they changed the old principle of spring loaded subchassis designs, which often had been a hassle to adjust, to sound really perfect. As the famous Debut, Project wanted create an easy to use “plug & play” product, but with better sound due to better isolation. Thanks to the modern damping materials TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomers) they were able to design a very effective, subchassis construction. Isolating the platter and tonearm from the resonances of the motor and main plinth is the target.  The second drawback for most of the old designs was the platter. The casted platters all have been heavy (which is good for speed constancy and low wow and flutter) but suffered very much from ringing effects which again caused colouration of the sound. The platter of The Classic is precisely machined out of a special aluminium alloy again damped with TPE, which offers special damping abilities. The subplatter / main bearing construction we use is similar system as on the Debut. It's hardened steel/ Bronze bushing/ Teflon bearing mirror results in very smooth low noise running smoothness of the bearing. 

This new turntable has a re-designed arm made from a carbon/aluminium sandwich. Carbon for stiffness and speed, Alu for better damping. It will be available in a choice of 3 finishes, Walnut, Rosenut or Eucalyptus and supplied with the stunning Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge. All for a retail price of £799.00. Expected release is early June. 

Project The Classic

Project The Classic Eucalyptus