Gold Phantom from Devialet

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I suppose on reflection, calling a speaker "Silver Phantom" always leaves the door open for a Gold Phantom, but we didn't think Devialet needed to improve on their already outstanding Phantom range. How wrong were we?! The new Gold Phantom is something else! 

We heard the latest wireless speaker a few weeks back at the Devialet store in Westfield, where they were showcasing some new products. The weight and scale of the sound achieved from the Silver Phantom is something special, but as soon as the new Gold went on, there is a marked improvement. For a £500 increase you would expect it to be better and, at £2190.00, it is not your everyday proposition. However, the soundstage is huge and the depths the Gold can go down to is baffling. 

It's easy to think you are being impressed because of the size of the speaker but it goes further than that. Devialet are one of the few companies to get unusual design and sound quality right. Too often things look amazing but in practice are average. Or they look so-so but sound excellent. Not the Gold Phantom! You would be forgiven in thinking you were listening too a much bigger, stereo, pair of speakers with a powerful amplfier. 

Don't just take our word for it though, come down and listen for youself. No tricks, no hidden things, bring some music on your Bluetooth mobile device and try it for yourself. You seriously won't believe what you hear!

Spec and info on the Devialet Gold Phantom:

4500w, 108dB, 14Hz to 27kHz.

Invented and made in France, protected by 102 patents, Phantom forever changes the world of sound.

Experience the ultra-dense sound with physical impact in its most extreme version with Gold PHANTOM


The most powerful connected speaker, 8 times more powerful than Phantom, 4,500W of power, 108 dB of physical impact, the sound level of a live rock concert.
The unique experience of ultra-dense sound with physical impact in its most extreme version, down to the lowest sounds ever emitted (14 Hz).


Invented by Devialet, ADH Intelligence is a technology that has succeeded for the first time in combining the sophistication of the Analog amplification (Class A) and the power and compactness of the Digital amplification (Class D).
Experience a beautiful, moving sound and the most perfect restitution.

Titanium Tweeter

Gold Phantom’s new Titanium Tweeter is made of the purest Titanium available - Grade 1. The best material for a High-Performance Tweeter, it has a strength-density ratio among the highest in the metallic elements.
Gold Phantom goes beyond the best performances in high frequencies restitution, now up to 27 kHz.

Rose Gold Finish

Gold Phantom is available with an exclusive 22 carat Rose Gold-plated finish. The ultimate audiophile Gold.

All your music, all your sources

With just one PHANTOM or in a multi-room system, let the best sound in the world enter your home.
With Phantom, wirelessly play all your music saved locally or online, from all your sources.