#GBBO Bundle 3

Musical Fidelity M3Si, Rega RP3/Elys 2 and ProAc Studio 148
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The Great British Bundle offer No.3

Musical Fidelity M3si amplifer, Rega RP3/Elys 2 turntable and ProAc Studio 148 speakers. 

Save over £500 on this Great British combination. 

Optional Atlas speaker pack available with 1m Analogue Interconnect and 6m of award winning speaker cable fitted with 4mm Gold Banana plugs. Everything you need to get your Great British system working to its full potential.

To learn more about the Musical Fidelity M3si click here

To learn more about the Rega RP3/Elys 2 click here

To learn more about the ProAc Studio 148 click here

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