Friday, February 24, 2017

Quite the Whirlwind week this week! Just got enough time to tell you what's landed in Harrow Audio over the last few days. If you are travelling to the #bristolhifishow this weekend you may see some of them. If you are going to the show, make sure you visit the #rega room. There are some tasty new products being showed for the 1st time this weekend!

We have taken delivery of our demo Marantz Europe SA-10 and PM-10 Reference series products. They will be up and running in the demo room by tomorrow morning. The Reference range from Marantz has always had a bit of a cult status and this new series looks to continue the tradition, with a no compromise combination. The personal love of Ken Ishiwata (Mr. K.I to the 90's Marantz owners) he has produced a beast of an amplifier alongside a very, very detailed CD Player/DAC




Stock of the Arcam Of Cambridge rPhono is here! A high quality MM/MC Phono Stage in the R-Series is a welcome addition and with performance well above its £399.00 price, it is going to be one of our favourites. The rHead headphone amp and new rPlay HD Streamer is all killer and Arcam looks like having a great compact range of upgrades.



We also ordered the new Blue Aura V40i Limited Edition Valve amp and matching PS40 speakers. Looking suitably retro in a high gloss wood finish, we have long felt the amp is capable of driving higher quality speakers and along came the ribbon equipped PS40. Rumour has it there maybe some secret new bits in the Blue Aura room at the show too.



**Just in** Rega have released limited details on the new Planar 2 and Planar 3 Red edition, as well as the £498.00 Ania MC cartridge, a new TT-PSU and Fono MC Phon Stage. If that wasn't enough, there is a digital tracking force gauge and the 2017 Record Store Day deck gets its Debut!

After all that I need coffee. Will post up some pictures when I can get them. Enjoy you weekend!

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