Ekco EV55SE

Saturday, September 13, 2014

We knew the Ekco EV55SE was good, but now you don't have to take our word for it! Hi-fi World have just given it a glowing, 5 globe review. 

Their conclusion states: 

Ekco's EV55SE is a thoroughly well engineered classic KT88 amplifier that is just right for buyers that want excellent quality all round. at an affordable price - as valves go. lt isn't cheap at £1700, but construction and standard of flnish are superb and sound quality excellent. lt does slightly de-emphasise high treble, so the Ekco is no different frorn most other valve amps in this respect. lts also a good proposition in terms of service and long term reliability, so for those interested in the magic of valves. the new EV55SE is a solid place to discover it.

The review leads the issue, and the amp also finds a place on the magazine’s front cover.

Known widely in the UK as the magazine for serious hi-fi hobbyists, Hi-Fi World is run by a team renowned for their long involvement in the audio industry. Edited and published by veteran hi-fi scribe, Noel Keywood.

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