Budget Turntable System

Space friendly and Budget friendly.
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If you are short on space and budget is a priority we have bundled this TEAC system together just for you! 

Active LS-M100 speakers with built in amplifier and the TN-200 turntable with speed control and Phono/USB output. We give you everything you need to get up and running, giving you peace of mind there are no extras involved! 

The Teac Turntable connects into the LS-M100 speakers, and off you go! The Teac LS-M100 speakers even have a separate input if you want to play music through a phone or tablet. No external amp is needed, just the record player and speakers. 

Being the honest people we are, this isn't the last in sound quality, but it does a sterling job if you are pushed for space or cannot stretch to one of our other turntable systems. We have been big fans of Teac for years!! 

If you want to get a better sound from your Vinyl, we have added the option to upgrade to the excellent TEAC TN-300 turntable. At £50.00 more it offers 4 different colour options as well as a better arm and cartridge. 

All the product info is below, its just up to you to choose! 

LS-M100 Speakers:

Wide-range response in a compact body for concise listening - even at low volumes.

The difference of the LS-M100 from standard PC desktop speakers is the luxury sound quality. With a frequency response of 80 HZ to 22 kHz from its compact body, every sound is faithfully reproduced - from the body resonance of a bass drum to a tinkling wind chime. The wide response is due to the 2-way system - consisting of a woofer and tweeter - and the bass reflex port located on the rear of the cabinet.

Main Features 

  • Compact size - 4.5” x 6.7” (110mm x 170mm) - cabinet design
  • The 2-way system and bass reflex port produces a wide frequency response of 80 Hz - 22 kHz.
  • Efficient 14W per channel power amplifier
  • Equipped with RCA pin jack and stereo mini jack line input terminals. Capable of connecting with CD Player or Analog Player.

Teac TN-200:

A great-sounding belt-drive turntable for music fans who want to enjoy the full range of vinyl classics and reissues.

The TN-200 includes a build-in preamp providing line out a USB out for connection to almost any sound system. The USB output can be used with recording software to archive your vinyl collection add it to your mobile playlist.

Main Features 

  • Manual Belt-drive Turntable supporting 33 / 45rpm
  • Heavy MDF cabinet
  • USB output for transferring music from vinyl records to your Mac or PC.
  • Built-in Phono Equalizer(LINE/PHONO switchable)
  • Static balanced straight type tone arm
  • Replacable headshell
  • Solid aluminum switches

Teac TN-300:

Hold your breath. Drop the needle. Enjoy analog as it’s meant to be heard.

The TN-300 is a belt-drive analog record player with a stylish and luxurious chassis containing an MM Phono equalizer amplifier with USB output. The TN-300 supports Phono and Line output, which allows you to play vinyl with a stereo that isn’t equipped with Phono input, and Phono equalizer amplifier of your hands. You can transfer music from vinyl records to your Mac or PC, using the USB digital output. CD quality digital archiving with the USB output preserves your vinyl collection and also allows you to enjoy vinyl records with a smartphone or Digital Audio Player. Using Audio-Technica’s AT95E VM cartridge, the TN-300 lets you enjoy high accuracy tracking sounds as soon as you set up. An aluminum die-cast, High inertia platter has also been attached. The TN-300 is the perfect turntable for any music lover, from first time users to audiophiles, who appreciates high quality sounds and sturdy yet stylist design.

Main Features

  • Manual Belt-drive Turntable supporting 33/45rpm
  • Heavy MDF cabinet with Multi-layerd coating with glossy coating
  • USB output for transferring music from vinyl records to your Mac or PC.
  • Built-in Phono Equalizer(LINE/PHONO switchable)
  • Static balanced straight type tone arm
  • audio-technica’s renowned high-performance MM(VM) type phonograph cartridge attached
  • Gold plated terminals for oxidation resistance
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