Astell and Kern AK70 Black Edition - Free Case Offer

The latest pocket Hi Res Player
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Manufacturer: Astell & Kern

As a special offer from us with are now including an AK70 case FREE of charge with every AK70 order. 

Astell and Kern have bowed to pressure and released a special edition Black AK70!! Misty Mint is still available though and the Black Edition will run alongside it. All the same fantastic features and price, just in Black. In stock now! 

The AK70 is designed with an oblique angle on one side of the body so that it can fit the contour of the user's thumb, the finger used 
most frequently when controlling the screen with one hand.

The volume wheel is designed to be protruding slightly from a concave surface so that you can control volume with a simple 
motion of sliding your finger up and down. With slim 13-mm thickness and 132-gram lightweight, the palm-sized device is easy to carry anywhere.

The AK70 has adopted a pastel-color anodized aluminum casing, which makes it look high quality with its light mint color and glossy silver tone. The smart-looking exterior and smooth color make the device look more casual and simpler.
24bit 192kHz bit to bit Playback
The AK70's DAC, based on market-proven CS4398 chips of Cirrus Logic, has been used for years in Hi-Fi audios and the second-generation Astell&Kern devices. The AK70 plays back 24bit 192kHz signals into bit-to-bit type.
32bit audio is downsampled using a sample-rate converter. In addition, DSD 64/128 can be played back through conversion to PCM.
AK70's Diverse Output Types - Balanced Output
The AK70 supports the 2.5-mm 4-pole balanced output (2.3 Vrms) that has been in use since the second generation of the Astell&Kern players.

Unlike the unbalanced type, the balanced output type is capable of removing noise (common mode noise) that can occur in “signal + inverting amplifier signal” and has the strength of increasing output due to its double transmitting signals.
The AK70 can be used with a variety of balanced earphones and headphones made for Astell&Kern. It can also support the 3.5-mm 3-pole unbalanced output (2.3 Vrms), with compatibility with a variety of Hi-Fi earphones and headphones.
Variety of Output Types of AK70 - USB Audio
The AK70 supports USB audio digital out, first among Astell&Kern devices.
You can connect diverse digital-input portable amps through USB to the AK70. The AK70 can transfer DSD in native through DoP. It can also convert DSD into PCM for output for portable amps that do not support DoP.
Variety of Output Types of AK70 - USB DAC
The AK70 can be used with a USB DAC that can double as an embedded sound card by connecting with a PC/Mac through the USB port.In the case of using the PC's embedded sound card, one may have to go through a complicated process to play back DSD data. In contrast, the AK70 can do so simply by connecting with the PC.

In the case of using the AK70 as a USB DAC, it can support up to 24-bit 96 kHz bit to bit, providing much richer sound through superior ambience and resolution way beyond the limits of an embedded sound card.
The AK70's Network - AK Connect
The AK70 comes equipped with the AK Connect feature that can be connected with network-ready Astell&Kern devices.

It is also appointed with wireless networking DLNA (Ver. 1.0), which makes it easy to work with NAS/PC on the same network and through an AK Connect app supporting smartphone/tablet computer.
The AK70 supports the Groovers app.
You can stream MQS in real time in any place where network is available and download conveniently with easy-to-make payments.
You can also enjoy high-quality music through Groovers' streaming service.
General Specifications
  • AK70
  • Misty Mint
  • Aluminum
  • 3.3inch WVGA (480 x 800) TFT LCD
  • WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3, OGG, APE(Normal, High, Fast), AAC, ALAC, AIFF, DFF, DSF
  • FLAC, WAV, ALAC, AIFF : 8kHz ~ 192kHz (8/16/24bits per Sample)
    DSD : DSD64, Stereo / DSD128, Stereo
  • Unbalance 2.3Vrms / Balance 2.3Vrms (Condition No Load)
  • Cirrus Logic CS4398 x1 (Single DAC)
  • Support up to 24bit / 192kHz Bit to Bit Decoding
  • USB Micro-B input (for charging & data transfer (PC & MAC)) 
    / Connection Mode : MTP (Media Device)
  • PHONES (3.5mm) / Balanced Out (2.5mm, only 4-pole supported)
  • 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
  • V4.0 (A2DP, AVRCP, aptX)
  • 2.37 ”(60.3 mm) [W] x 3.81 ”(96.8 mm) [H] x 0.51 ”(13 mm) [D]
  • 4.66 oz (132 g)
  • Firmware upgrades supported (OTA)


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