Arcam Solo Sub

Perfectly complementing the Solo bar is the Solo sub
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Manufacturer: Arcam

Arcam have re-written the rulebook again with the stunning Solo Bar. The Solo range has always pushed the boundaries of lifestyle products from a real Hi-fi manafacturer. The Solo Movie in 5.1 and 2.1 design was a stylish yet powerful one box unit. It followed on from the award winning Solo and Solo Mini, both of which retained classic Arcam sound quality in a gorgeous chassis. The new Solo range looks set to impress even more! 

The new Solo bar and sub delivers TV, music and movie sound at a quality level previously only possible from large separate components.

Featuring a 300W amplifier and 10” downward-firing long-throw drive unit, the Solo sub has the power and capability to enhance the low frequency experience of your music and movies.

300W (sub)
Drive units
1 x 10” (sub)
W310 x H430 x D310mm (sub)
Net weight
12.4 kg (sub)