Arcam rPAC USB DAC/Headphone Amp

Arcam rPAC USB DAC/Headphone Amp
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Manufacturer: Arcam

The Arcam rPAC, the Personal Audio Converter, has a built in headphone amp that will transform your computer-based music at home, at work, or on the move. This is a reasonably priced route to getting better sounding music especially as Macs and PCs simply aren’t optimised for audio enjoyment.

The rPAC connects via USB and is designed to enhance your laptop or desktop listening. From low-bitrate internet radio to better-than-CD-quality downloads, you’ll hear more in the music that you love. And it’s not just about music: the rPAC can boost all your computer entertainment, from gaming and movies to catch-up TV services. Simply connect the rPAC to your computer with the supplied USB cable, then either on to an audio system via a standard RCA lead or to your headphones.

What Hi-Fi? magazine said that the difference between using the rPAC and a computer's internal sound converting DAC is night and day, giving extremely detailed and insightful sound with a real sense of immediacy. The magazine says that the rPAC'sflexibility, sound quality and affordable price tag makes it a seriously tempting product.

Hi Fi Choice describes the look and feel of the rPAC as lovely with a clean, crisp sound and cracking value.

HiFi+is impressed with the rPac’s ability to throw out a big sound, with a good soundstage and a keen sense of dynamic range.

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