Arcam rBlink Bluetooth wireless DAC

Arcam rBlink Bluetooth wireless DAC
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Manufacturer: Arcam

The Arcam rBlink is the perfect answer for streaming music wirelessly from your phone to your music system or speakers. This clever, easy to use little device provides high quality wireless music via Bluetooth up to a distance of several metres. This means that can you stream your MP3 or other audio format tracks from your phone, tablet or laptop without any wires cluttering up the process. The huge difference the rBlink makes is that your music will sound invigorated as well. Installation is easy, with a simple push of a button to pair new devices. likes the ArcamrBlink’sextremely detailed, well-balanced sound and the great sense of space and positional audio.

HiFi+is impressed by the extremely good overall sound ‘detailed, dynamic, and on the warm, satiny side of neutral without a hint of grain or digital hash’.

Trusted Reviews says that Arcam had pulled off the impossible with the rBlink by marrying Bluetooth with ultra-high quality audio, giving 128-kilobit files a jaw-dropping new lease of life.