Acoustic Energy AE1 Classic

Acoustic Energy AE1 Classic - Monitor Loudspeaker
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Manufacturer: Acoustic Energy

Return of the ultimate mini-monitor It’s 18 years since the AE1 Reference first wowed reviewers and became the audio-industry benchmark for compact loudspeaker design. To celebrate the AE1 is back for 2005/6 in its completely original form. Designed from the outset as a semi-professional monitor, painstaking attention to detail in the design and construction of cabinets, crossovers and baffles ensure the new AE1 Classic reproduces complex, dynamic material as faithful as the award winning original. Despite its diminutive size the AE1 Classic offers the soundstage, depth and breadth of much larger loudspeakers thanks to its innovative metal drivers and reflex ported cabinet. The extremely rigid design and high power handling creates a sophisticated blend of clarity, speed and dynamics that once again sets the standard for small box loudspeakers in both the studio and the home